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Lathe Department

Wide Range of Options for Efficient Machining

Our state-of-the-art multi-axis turning centers with up to 8 axes, dual spindles and live tooling deliver unmatched precision and maximum production output. From simple turned parts to highly complex mill-turn components, we can handle virtually every conceivable customer requirement. The range of axes and tooling options often reduces jobs to one operation. REQUEST A QUOTE

Bar feed capacity: 2-1/2"
Chucking capacity: 15"

CNC Turning Facilities

2 Doosan Puma TT1800SY - 2-5/8’’ Bar, 8’’ Chuck Twin Spindle / Twin Turret with Milling and Y Axis, High Volume Magazine Feeder
2 Doosan GT2100M - 3’’ Bar, 8’’ Chuck with Milling
2 Doosan Lynx LSYA 2’’ Bar, 6’’ Chuck with Milling and Y Axis, Sub Spindle, High Volume Magazine Feeder
2 Dainichi F-35 Chuck 15 inch, up to 1250mm length
Miyano BNA - 42MSY2 1-5/8 capacity, Twin Spindle, Live Tooling with Y axis and a 4 ft Magazine Barfeeder

2 Hardinge DSM
1 Hardinge HC
1 13" x 40" Clausing Engine Lathe

Nakamura Super NTM3(Y), 16iTB Control, PC-G CNC Multi-Axis Turning Center 

Nakamura Turning MachineThe Super NTM3Y) is the turning machine that is successfully differentiating itself from others when it comes to Multi-tasking. This premiere machine is a two spindle machine with three (3) 24 station turrets. Turning and Milling are available for all three turrets. A new and innovative machine is born. In addition to the advantages of simultaneous Turning and Milling on the left or right hand spindles, is the introduction of another capability such as turret-mounted center support contributes to reduce idle times and added flexibility.

The Super NTM3(Y) is a High Productivity Multi-tasking Turning Center that is at the “Cutting Edge” of speed.

Nakumura Machining Center